What age does acne start at? It can ruin dating!

It is quite common for people to experience acne infection. There is indeed a particular reason for it to be termed as ‘common acne’. Almost everyone is said to suffer at some point of time in their life from pimple outbreak.

How this infection takes place?

Infection tends to take place as greasy secretions present in the skin’s oil glands (sebaceous glands) plug the small openings of hair follicles. In case, the openings are huge, then the clogs assume the shape of blackheads. These are flat, small spots having dark centers. In case, the openings remain small, then the clogs will take whitehead form, and appear flesh colored, small bumps. Both plugged pore type can easily and effectively develop into tender, swollen pimples, inflammations, nodules or deeper lumps. Nodules are found to be associated with severe acne (cystic acne) cases. These are firm swellings that take place below the surface of the skin to become tender, inflamed and at times, infected.

Who is affected with acne?

Even though acne is regarded to be a problem associated with adolescence, approximately 20% of the cases do occur in adults. It is during puberty stage that acne starts commonly, especially between ages of 10 & 13. It will be worse for those having oily skin. The duration of acne for teenage acne is around 5 -10 years, with it reducing by the person reaching his/her 20s. Acne does occur in both the genders. But severe cases are noticed more among teenage boys. Women face moderate to mild forms of acne infection when compared to men right into their 30s & beyond.

Where does acne occur?

Acne lesions occur commonly on the face of the person infected. However, it may also appear on the back, upper arms, shoulders, back, neck and the chest.

There is a wrong conception among people that acne is caused due to poor hygiene, uncontrolled sex drive and harmful diet. But the fact is that hormones and heredity are considered to be the main reasons for cause of acne.

Trying to scrub the face throughout the day is not likely to change your predisposition towards the painful, unsightly and embarrassing skin issue. You should not pick or peel the pimple at any time. This way, the pus will only spread further and will lead to irritation and more pimples and scars. Discuss with a reputed dermatologist to get the best possible home based treatment.

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