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Sharing what you like to do with someone

We recommend activities you’d like, and suggest someone who would be down with it, too! If fitness is your thing then share your home spin bike work out routine, if reading is your thing share your favorite book!


Real Connections

Since new users need to sign up with their social profile, we can ensure you’re chatting with is a real person. No bots allowed.

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About Us

Our Teamily, as we like to call ourselves, are made up of individuals with a diverse background in web development, mobile design, marketing, and controlled craziness. In the beginning, Brandon was a single father with his newborn baby, and over a span of a few months this father got three  amazing partners to help bring Datelytics to the forefront of the online dating world. Now with a team of four, Datelytics seeks to disrupt the competition with its value proposition, design and excitement of being random.